Ice Cream Catering For Weddings

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Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life — and it’s one that calls for celebration. Whether it’s your wedding, bachelorette and bachelor parties, wedding reception, or even your rehearsal dinner, homemade ice cream offers a fun and flavorful dessert option to help celebrate your love story.

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About Our Ice Cream Catering For Weddings

Whether you are interested in wedding ice cream catering to complement or replace your traditional wedding cake, Howdy Homemade Ice Cream has you covered.

With our menu, you can:

  • Serve treats everyone will love: No matter what kinds of flavor preferences your guests have, our menu is sure to offer something everyone will love. From classic vanilla and chocolate flavors to favorites like cookies & cream, we have it all.
  • Save planning and prep time: Leading up to and on your wedding day, you want to be able to spend as much time as possible celebrating with your loved ones. When we cater your ice cream, you won’t have to worry about handling all the details of your sweet treats — we’ll do that for you.
  • Show your appreciation: Your friends and family came to celebrate your love story, and what better way to show your appreciation for their support than with some fresh homemade ice cream?

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We Make The Catering Experience Simple And Stress Free

No matter the style or size of your wedding, our ice cream caterers in Raleigh, North Carolina, will handle the entire sweet treat catering experience for you.

To get started, we’ll need to know a few details about your event, such as the:

  • Type of event
  • Location
  • Date
  • Time frame

We also offer the option of either having your ice cream delivered or picked up depending on what’s most convenient for you.

Benefits Of Serving Our Ice Cream 

Here at Howdy Homemade Ice Cream, we are proud to offer amazing ice cream served by amazing people. When we serve your wedding, you and your guests will:

  • Have the chance to join our mission: Our goal as a nonprofit ice cream shop is “Inspiring All of Us to Realize the Potential in Each of Us.” Serving our ice cream at your wedding means you’ll be joining and supporting this mission.
  • Leave with a smile: Along with providing delicious flavors, we are committed to making sure everyone feels welcomed and at home. You can count on us to make sure everyone leaves satisfied and with a smile.
  • Indulge in feel-good flavors: We care about delivering fresh and flavorful ice cream, which is why we use high-quality ingredients and make all our ice cream every day.

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If you are starting to plan for your big day, Howdy Homemade Ice Cream is here to help. With several ice cream flavors to choose from, we’ll make your wedding celebration one to remember.

Have any questions or interested in learning more about our ice cream catering services in Cary, North Carolina? Fill out our contact form and we’ll be in touch with you soon.

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